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3.2. Cloning Templates

The steps below assume you have already created at least one Templates folder. If you haven’t done this, please see Creating Folders

  1. Access the reports interface from the Admin menu under Local Administration>Reports
  2. Under Shared Folders expand the Templates folder and the subfolder of the report you wish to clone. To expand the folders click on the grey arrow or folder icon. Do not click on the blue underlined hyperlink.
  3. Click on the subfolder.
  4. Select the template you wish to clone. From the dropdown menu choose Clone selected templates, then click Submit. [Note: by default Evergreen only displays the first 10 items in any folder. To view all content, change the Limit output setting from 10 to All.] 
  5. Choose the folder where you want to save the cloned template, then click Select Folder. Only template folders created with your account will be visible. If there are no folders to choose from please see Creating Folders.
  6. The cloned template opens in the template editor. From here you may modify the template by adding, removing, or editing fields and filters as described in Creating Templates. Template Name and Description can also be edited. When satisfied with your changes click Save.
  7. Click OK in the resulting confirmation window.

Once saved it is not possible to edit a template. To make changes, clone a template and change the clone.

Note — Be sure to clone a template from any shared folder into your own template folder. DO NOT run it from the shared folder as that can interfere with the periodic deletion and update of shared templates.

Report templates used in old login accounts can be cloned for use in other login accounts by first logging into Evergreen with the old account and sharing the template folders to the system level. To share a report folder, just go into that report folder, select Manage Folder, select Share this folder from the dropdown menu, and select your system.

Then, the folder is shared with anyone logging in from any workstation in your system (rather than with any particular login account). Log into the new login access account, find the old account name under Shared Folders, and open. Check the box beside the report you want and choose Clone selected template from the dropdown menu. Then, select the new folder to clone the template into [Note: you must create folders in the new login account first].

Only Templates folders are useful to share. Reports folders contain past report run instances or recurring reports and there is no mechanism to transfer data from one Reports folder to another. The run instance of recurring reports will not transfer from one login account to another, however you can clone the template into the new login account templates folder and create a new recurring report instance. Output folders do not share well with other login accounts. Instead, save any relevant Excel spreadsheets from the old login access account directly onto your hard drive.

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