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3.16. Deleting Bibliographic Records

Deleting Title (MARC) Records

Within NC Cardinal, bibliographic records are automatically deleted when the last item(s) and volume(s) associated with that record are deleted, so the need to manually delete bib records should be a rare thing.

Do not delete a bib record UNLESS:

  1. it is empty - no items attached for ANY branch (not just your system)
  2. it is not an electronic resource record – make sure there are no 856 field(s)
  3. it has a create date older than 4 months ago

Evergreen does not let you delete a bibliographic record if any other library has holdings. Check holdings maintenance and be sure you are viewing all of Cardinal, not just your system:

Check the MARC record for 856 tags:

If they exist, do not delete the record. If there are problems with the record, fix or contact a bib cataloger at the library listed in the 856 $9.

To ensure you don't delete newly entered on-order or migration records, check the Last Edited On date in the upper right corner of the Record Summary header:

Do not delete if the record is less than 4 months old.

If you delete a MARC record, Evergreen marks the record as inactive. In order to retrieve a deleted record, you must know the TCN or Database ID.

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