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2.3. Search the Catalog

Make sure that you search the entire NC Cardinal catalog when you search for new title records, either using Z39.50 or by using the Advanced Search method. You should always search for a bibliographic record in several different ways. For example, you can first search by ISBN, but then you should also do a search by title and/or author to be sure you find and examine every possible matching record. Check your search scope and ensure that you are searching all of NC Cardinal. If a matching bibliographic record already exists in NC Cardinal, examine it to see if it is a good record. If the existing record does not meet the standards as outlined in Best Practices or you find multiple matching bibliographic records, refer to a bibliographic cataloger.

Z39.50 Search

Advanced Search

You can select or limit catalog searches by:

The search features within Evergreen do not require you to enter author last names first. You do not need an exact title or subject heading. An Evergreen search enables you to enter plurals and alternate verb endings and will still find results. For example, if you enter dogs, Evergreen will also find items with dog.

Evergreen assumes an “AND” if you type in multiple terms. You can exclude a term (“NOT”) by using “-“ (minus). For example, vacations -Britain will search for materials on vacations, but not Britain. If you want to exclude electronic resources from your search, use “-electronic” as a keyword limiter.

You can search for an exact phrase using double quotes. For example, “Harry Potter” will find only items with the exact phrase, not with the terms Harry or Potter alone.

For more detailed instructions for thoroughly searching the catalog, please watch this short NC Cardinal video:

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