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1.1. Cataloging Permission Requirements

The NC Cardinal consortium Governance Committee and the membership have implemented a consortium-wide cataloger training and assessment program to ensure that the same standardized cataloging practices are applied within the shared catalog regardless of which library staff import, create, edit, or delete item, volume, and bibliographic records, with the shared goal that the catalog should function smoothly and seamlessly for all patrons within the consortium.

As of August 2019, there are two types of cataloging permission groups available to staff: Item Cataloging and Bibliographic (Bib) Cataloging. To be assigned to these cataloging permission access levels in the NC Cardinal consortium, library staff must pass certification assessment(s) or be working with a bibliographic cataloger who is actively supervising their work and helping them to pass the assessment(s), according to the NC Cardinal Cataloging Policy (Feb 2019) passed by the Governance Committee.

Staff who add or delete item and/or volume records must pass the Item Cataloging assessment

Staff who create, import, edit, or delete bibliographic records must pass both the Item Cataloging assessment and the Bibliographic Cataloging assessment.

All staff who need to perform these duties must pass the appropriate assessments. This includes staff who do not catalog full-time and/or may only add or delete items from time-to-time. Cataloging assessments can be repeated until a passing score is achieved and are open book (staff may use this knowledge book, other websites, or notes, but cannot consult directly with other people while taking the assessment).

For libraries migrating into NC Cardinal, staff who perform these duties should endeavor to pass assessments before the library go live date as part of their migration preparation.

New staff who have not yet passed the necessary assessments may be assigned temporary/limited cataloging permissions to perform their assigned cataloging duties according to the NC Cardinal Cataloging Policy


The NC Cardinal Cataloging Committee members have established the Cataloging Best Practices over several years and continue to update them as needed to provide cataloging standards for the consortium. All catalogers must adhere to the standards outlined in this Knowledge Book, which is intended to be a living document that is honed and updated on an ongoing basis.

The Cataloging Committee welcomes feedback and input on these Best Practices via their individual email addresses or this monitored group email address  cardinalcatcommittee@gmail.com. 

Staff looking for broader cataloging training may want to check out the ABLE training courses linked in our Useful Resources page.

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