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1.1. Cataloging Permission Groups Transition

The NC Cardinal consortium Governance Committee and the membership have resolved to implement a consortium-wide cataloger training and assessment program to ensure that the same standardized cataloging practices are applied within the shared catalog regardless of which library staff import, create, edit, or delete item, volume, and bibliographic records, with the shared goal that the catalog should function smoothly and seamlessly for all patrons within the consortium.

To fully implement the mandate (Staff Login Account and Permissions Policy) from the Governance Committee and the membership, the NC Cardinal Cataloging Committee members have been working diligently to expand and clarify the Cataloging Best Practices to address all areas of cataloging for the consortium. NC Cardinal library staff members who currently use cataloging permissions should begin using the standards outlined in this Knowledge Book, which is intended to be a living document that is honed and updated on an ongoing basis. The Cataloging Committee welcomes feedback and input on these Best Practices via their individual emails or this monitored group email address  cardinalcatcommittee@gmail.com. 

NC Cardinal staff will be working with System Login Access Managers from each member library system to simplify and streamline staff permission group structure during 2018. As of January 2019, there will be two types of cataloging permission groups available to staff: Item Cataloging and Bibliographic (Bib) Cataloging. To use these cataloging permission access levels in the NC Cardinal consortium, library staff will need to pass certification assessment(s) or be working with a bibliographic cataloger who is actively supervising their work and helping them to pass the assessment(s). The assessments are open book using this knowledge book, other websites, or notes (no consultation with other people while taking the assessment) and staff can take them as many times as needed to achieve a passing score. We will be glad to provide a printable certificate of achievement for those who pass the assessment(s).


Here is the transition timeline:

Winter 2017/18:

All staff with cataloging permissions should review and begin using the newly expanded Cataloging Best Practice standards. Please submit questions to the Cataloging Committee and/or the NC Cardinal team.

Spring/Summer 2018:

Item Cataloging and Bib Cataloging assessments will become available.

The Item Cataloging assessment is for staff who only need to add, edit, or delete volume and item records.

The Bibliographic Cataloging assessment is for staff who additionally need to add, edit, or delete bibliographic records.

Item Cataloging and Bib Cataloging workshops with Dr. Sonia Archer-Capuzzo

Cataloging Forum - discuss feedback for Best Practice standards, training & assessments, and resolve questions with the Cataloging Committee.

Fall 2018:

Item Cataloging and Bib Cataloging workshops with Dr. Sonia Archer-Capuzzo

Western region: September 25th (Item Cataloging) & 26th (Bibliographic Cataloging), 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (each day)

Western Regional Archives
176 Riceville Road
Asheville, NC 28805

Central region: September 27th (Item Cataloging) & 28th (Bibliographic Cataloging), 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (each day)

Reynolda Manor Public Library
2839 Fairlawn Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Eastern region: October 9th (Item Cataloging) & 10th (Bibliographic Cataloging), 9:00 am to 4:30 pm (each day)

Braswell Memorial Library
727 N. Grace Street
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

These training classes are strongly recommended for those who want in-person training or need guidance for a clearer understanding of the Cataloging Best Practices in order to pass the Item or Bibliographic Cataloging assessment.

Staff who need cataloging permissions continue taking cataloging assessments.

January 2019:

All staff who need cataloging permissions should have passed assessments. This includes staff who do not catalog full-time and/or may only add or delete items from time-to-time. The assessments are open book and can be repeated until a passing score is achieved. Staff who add or delete item and/or volume records will need to pass the Item Cataloging assessment. This includes staff who add magazines to their collection and staff who weed (delete) items from their collection. Anyone creating, importing, editing, or deleting bibliographic records will need to pass both the Item Cataloging assessment and the Bibliographic Cataloging assessment. This also includes staff of libraries migrating into NC Cardinal. After January 2019, staff who have not yet passed the necessary assessments to perform their assigned cataloging duties will have temporary/limited cataloging permissions and be required to work with a Bibliographic Cataloging mentor who closely supervises their cataloging work until such time as they do pass the necessary assessment(s).


Staff assigned Item Cataloging permissions should be able to:


Staff assigned Bibliographic Cataloging permissions should be able to:

Complete all tasks required of Item Catalogers AND

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