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6.1. Viewing Report Output

Once a report definition has been saved, the output is stored in the specified Output folder and will remain there until manually deleted. If the report was set for a future date or as a recurring report, the report instance will show under Pending Items. Once the report has finish, it will show under Completed Items.

  1. To view report output in the staff client, open the reports interface and click on Output to expand the folder. Select the folder where you saved the report output.
  2. View report output is the default selection in the dropdown menu. Click the checkbox next to the report you wish to view and click Submit.

  3. A new tab will open for the report output. Select either Tabular Output or Excel Output. If Bar Charts was selected during report definition the chart will also appear.

  4. If you want to manipulate, filter or graph this data, Excel output is very useful and will generate a ".xlsx" file.

  5. If an email address was entered during the report definition stage, an email will be sent when the report completes that includes a link to the output file. Staff must be logged into an Evergreen account with access to the designated Output folder in order to view the report output. 

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