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2.17. Print Spine Labels

Printing Spine and Pocket Labels

Copy buckets may be used to group items requiring labels.

  1. Locate the correct copy bucket.

  2. Select Show Status.

  3. Items display in the Item Status screen.

  4. Select items requiring labels (hold the Ctrl key down and click the required items to select multiple items; if all items require labels, hold the Shift key down while clicking the first and last items in the list).

  5. Choose Actions for Selected Items → Print Spine Labels.

  6. The Spine Labels screen will display.

  7. Use the form on the left of the screen to modify spine and pocket label display.

  8. Select Re-Generate to view changes. (Checkbox selections are saved for a login, but Re-Generate must be clicked to view these changes. On line: selections are not saved.)

  9. Click Available Macros to view auto-fill options for custom lines.

  10. When finished, click Preview and Print.

  11. From the Print Preview screen, select Print Page.

Note: There are a number of devices that can print spine labels with Evergreen.

The BC Libraries Cooperative (another NC Cardinal consortium) has a video on printing spine labels in a sheet, in the Cataloging Evergreen Community playlist on our NC Cardinal YouTube channel.

Lynn Floyd presented at the 2019 Evergreen conference and her Powerpoint presentation (called Labels, Labels, and More Labels) is downloadable from this page: https://evergreen-ils.org/conference/2019-evergreen-international-conference/2019-presentations/ 

Here's a short video from Sitka for setting up and printing label sheets: https://youtu.be/-PEiDikPIro

GAPines has some instructions: https://pines.georgialibraries.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=cat:spine-label-printing

The Pines documentation may prove particularly helpful for those with a Dymo label printer.

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