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2.18. New Copies and Holds

Because of the way Evergreen targets holds, new copies are not guaranteed to fulfill pre-existing holds up to 24 hours after cataloging.

NOTE: If no action is taken to retarget a new item for holds, the item should appear on the pull-list for holds requests within about 24 hours.

Checkin Modifier

If your cataloging turn-around time is shorter than 24 hours you can ensure the new copy is captured correctly at check in by checking in the item using the check in modifier Retarget Local Holds:

Items, by default, will be targeted to fill a hold at the workstation branch where they are checked in. Normally, this is a good thing, as it limits transit times and costs. However when library systems catalog centrally, it can mean that items will always get checked in for the first time at the main branch and immediately target the next hold for pickup only at the main branch, never targeting holds at other branches until all holds at the main branch are satisfied (which might be a long time).

To mitigate that effect, you can send some of your new copies to other branches while they are still in an In process status. Let staff at each branch check the newly cataloged items in for the first time using the Retarget Local Holds checkin modifier above. 

Because these are still in an In process status, you will need to notify staff at the branch of the required special handling and wrap/label the items so that they are not checked in the usual way. You may even want to identify specific staff members at each branch to handle these items. The designated staff will need to be sure to uncheck the Retarget Local Holds checkin modifier after they finish scanning the In process items. Forgetting to do so can cause havoc with regular check ins, as checkin modifiers are “sticky” and will remain in place even after exiting and logging back into Evergreen.

Manual Retargeting

If you need to manually retarget the item to capture for a hold:

  1. After adding the item, select Actions for this Record. Then click on View Holds from the Holdings Maintenance window.

  2. If there are outstanding hold requests, select the hold from a patron in your system that is next in line, then choose Actions for Selected Holds. Click on Find Another Target. This forces Evergreen to re-target the hold and recognize the newly cataloged item.
  3. Check in the new item to capture it for the selected hold.

DO NOT retarget more than one hold at a time and do not retarget a hold for any patron (line item) where a barcode is already listed as a target.

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