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7.5. Appendix E: 020 Tag (ISBNs)

The ISBN number can play a significant role in determining which bibliographic records are matched, overlaid, and/or merged during cataloging. When importing records and when attaching items, catalogers should carefully review the ISBNs listed in a record and determine whether they should be included in the record and whether they should be in the $a or the $z.

Records may come from vendors, OCLC, or other libraries (through Z39.50) may come with many ISBN included for editions that should be in separate records in NC Cardinal (e.g. e-book, large print, audiobook, etc.) These records must be evaluated to determine which ISBNs should remain on the finished record, in either the $a or $z, and which should be stripped out of the record.

Remove both the 13- and 10-digit ISBNs from the bib record in cases where it is clearly does not belong on the record. These are some examples:

Put the ISBNs into the $z if it is associated with the bibliographic record, but should be ignored for matching, merging, and deduplication. Here are some examples:

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