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3.12. Duplicate Records and Merging

If a record already exists for the item you are cataloging, do not import a new record to the catalog. If the existing record needs to be improved or multiple records already exist in the cataloging for the exact same materials or materials with the same content, but with a different publisher or distributor, a bibliographic cataloger should carefully evaluate the record before making changes or merging the duplicate records.

  1. Do not choose a lead record that does not have an OCLC number.
  2. If two records have two different OCLC numbers, do NOT merge the records.
  3. If one record has an OCLC number and the second does not, and the ISBNs, titles, and editions match, merge the records.


Be cautious when merging records.

NOTE: Make sure you clean up the resulting merged record to comply with current NC Cardinal Best Practices.

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