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3.14. Cataloging Kits

Kits are often a collection of books created by a library rather than the publisher. It is important that these kits be easily identified and distinguished from the individual titles included, both by patrons and catalogers. 

Kits that included multiple different items (not bundled by publisher) should have a unique title in the 245 $a (not the title of any individual book in the kit) and should have the GMD $h [kit] in the 245. Also, ensure that the correct icon is displayed in the catalog for patrons

ISBNs for the included materials should NOT be listed in the 020 $a, but instead in the $z. This will prevent mis-matching with Z39.50 and batch bib imports. 

All titles of included items should be listed in the 500 or 505 and authors/creators should be listed in the 7XX fields, not the 100.

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