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2.13. Advanced Reader Copies, Donated Items, and Copy Notes

Advance Reader Copies


Advance/d Reader Copies (ARCs) or Advanced Reading Editions (AREs) are promotional materials sent out prior to publication. They are generally marked as such and usually marked "Do Not Sell". Libraries should not add these items to the NC Cardinal catalog. Some libraries may choose to circulate as pre-cataloged or non-cataloged "donations".


Gift, Donated, and In Memoriam Items


Library system specific information including gift or donation information should not be included in bibliographic records within NC Cardinal, which are shared by the entire consortium. Catalog the item as you would normally, following the recommended MARC templates for the item type (i.e., book, Blu-ray, etc.). NC Cardinal recommends that libraries use a book plate, plaque, or some other form of acknowledgment for gifted items OUTSIDE of the catalog.


For internal records, libraries may wish to


To create a copy (item level) note:

    1. Search the catalog for an existing record and open the record.

    2. Select the Action to open the Holdings Maintenance window. (Refer to the Holdings Maintenance Window section in this manual for more information.)


    3. In the Holdings Maintenance window, select the desired item and right-click. Select the Edit Item menu option. The Item Attributes window will open.

    4. If the item record already exists, the Copy Notes button displays. Click it to add a copy note.

    5. Write the donation/gift/in memory note. Do NOT mark the note public.

    6. Use one of the following for the Title field:

    7. In the Note field, include the donor’s or “In memoriam” name. For example: “Book donated by John Doe”

    8. To add a copy-level note while adding a new item, first save the information on the Item Attribute window, close it, and re-open it. You will then see the Copy Notes button.

NOTE: Copy level notes are not searchable in the OPAC. Please request a list of items with donation copy notes via help ticket.

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