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3.10. Record Conflicts

All records and holdings may not be automatically imported. Record conflicts can occur and are based upon ISBN and/or TCN. If your record has the same ISBN or TCN as a record that exists in the system, it is identified as a “colliding record.”

You can view colliding records from your import queue. If you determine that the colliding record is not a duplicate, you will be able to import the record from the record queue. Records with colliding TCNs cannot be imported from the record queue, just as they cannot be imported via Z39.50.


The record collision feature does not guarantee that you will not import duplicate records. Existing MARC records within NC Cardinal may lack basic matching criteria, such as ISBN or 035, which is why performing a full consortium search using several methods, including title and author, is critical! You could also import duplicate items if your record has a 13 digit ISBN while the existing record has only a 10 digit ISBN.


Be sure to search the consortium catalog for the records you need before batch importing, or do not use the Auto-Import features.

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