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3.8. Inspecting the Import Queue

If your import queue does not open automatically, or if you want to view your imported records at any time, you can access them from the Inspect Queue screen.


To view your uploaded queue:

  1. Click Inspect Queue. The Inspect Queue screen opens.
  2. Select queue type = “Bibliographic Records.”
  3. For Queue, select the queue name and click.

    4.  To view all the records processed within the selected queue, uncheck the Limit to Records with Matches and the Limit to Non-Imported Records checkboxes.

    5. Verify that the imported records were added to Evergreen by using the Catalog Search screen within Evergreen. You can find the newly-imported records more easily if you limit your search to your local library.

    6. Review any colliding matches that did not import and determine whether they should be added or merged into the catalog.

    1. The View MARC link enables you to look at the MARC record for the item displayed in that row.
    2. The Matches link displays the colliding, existing record.
    3. Click the Matches link; click View MARC to review the existing matching MARC records.

     7. Upload colliding and matching records as desired into the catalog. Use the appropriate “Queue Actions.”

The Import All Record option imports all records on the page you are viewing, not all records within the queue. You will need to go to the next page in order to process more records, or alternatively, you can change the results per page list to view more records at one time. Records that have the same TCN as an existing record in the catalog will not be imported. Records that match existing records based on ISBN will import.

A progress bar should appear and show whether the process has completed. If the process has completed, the Import Queue window will display again. It may take a moment for your records to import. Sometimes the screen will freeze and it may appear that your items have not been imported. If you have waited several minutes and nothing appears to be happening, close the screen; then, search for several of the items in the catalog. You will likely find that the records have been imported.

NOTE: If errors occur or questions arise, please notify the NC Cardinal team via a help ticket

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