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2.7. Multi-volume or Multi-part Sets

Single, Set, Series, or Serial?

Sometimes it can be challenging to sort out whether connected resources need to be cataloged on the same or separate bibliographic records and whether they should be cataloged as monograph parts or volumes.

Monograph: A resource consisting of a single volume. Monographs with the same content and format should almost always be cataloged on a single bib record.

Monograph Set: A resource consisting of multiple volumes with a pre-determined ending volume/date. These should be cataloged on one bibliographic record using the Monograph Parts feature in Evergreen.

Example: Set of encyclopedias, a television series on DVD.

Series: Independent monographs often tied together by some element like subject, author, publisher, etc., and often published on an ongoing (regular or irregular) basis. While they may have a collective title, these should be cataloged on separate records with only the title of the individual resource (not the series title) in the 245 field. Do NOT add series information in the 245. To be searchable, the series statement(s) must appear in the appropriate 490 and 8XX fields.

Example: Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne or A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series by George R. R. Martin.

Serial: A resource consisting of multiple volumes, which are released over time, usually at regular intervals,  with no set end date. These should be cataloged as volumes on one serial record.

Example: Our State magazine.

NOTE: Graphic novels should be cataloged as a series and not as a monograph (multi-volume) set. Each book should be cataloged on a separate bib record as an independent resource.

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