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5.1. Sharing Agreement

When NC Cardinal began resource sharing materials in 2013, there were no consortium-wide lending requirements. Each library had a different limit on what kinds of items they would share that became confusing for library staff and complex to track and manage. As a result, library directors discussed and agreed to these standards:

Consortium members agree to share all circulating books, music CDs, audiobooks, dvds, Blu-rays and related audiovisual materials after expiration of the 6-month age hold protection. (Passed by unanimous vote at annual meeting, June 9, 2015)

It was proposed and approved that all member libraries share a base minimum of books, music CDs, audiobooks, dvds, and Blu-rays to member libraries after the expiration of the 6-month age hold protection period. 

Members agree to honor a minimum number of seven (7) hold requests and circulations per audiovisual item type.  (Passed by unanimous vote at annual meeting, June 9, 2015)

This was later amended by the Governance Committee to be a minimum total of 25 book and audiovisual materials because we found that Evergreen hold policies could not be limited to 7 for an individual item type/format (circ mod).


The 25 minimum limit for holds on books and AV materials applies as a total for all these formats (not 25 for each individual format) and does not count/include checked out materials. Individual library systems can limit their own patrons to fewer total holds and set limits on which patron permission groups may place holds at all. Llibrary systems cannot limit consortium patrons from other libraries from placing holds on their materials in these formats - so long as those materials are holdable and circulate to the owning library's patrons and age hold protection is no longer in force. Items that are not normally holdable would not be included, such a genealogy or reference materials.

So, Library A can limit Library A patrons' holds to a total of 10 items at a time, but cannot limit Library B or Library C patrons from placing up to 25 holds on audiobooks, books, music, and videos owned by Library A.

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