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1.7. RDA vs AACR2

The Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR) were an international library cataloging standard first published in 1967. Later updated in 1978 as AACR2, these cataloging standards were designed for use primarily with print materials and utilized highly refined space-saving rules for structure and abbreviations intended for use with paper card catalogs. Given the advent of modern electronic publishing and a recognition of the need for linked data applications, AACR2 is being replaced by the Resource Description and Access (RDA) standard of descriptive cataloging, which has now been adopted by most American libraries. Many AACR2 records still exist. Others have been partially upgraded, resulting in hybrid records. RDA is the preferred content standard for bibliographic cataloging in NC Cardinal.




Import the best record for each resource, whether it follows AACR2 or RDA cataloging rules. When choosing between records of equal quality, select the one following RDA rules. If possible, upgrade AACR2 records to RDA. 

How to upgrade a record to RDA:

When creating new records, always follow RDA cataloging rules.

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