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1.5. Record Structure in Evergreen

There are three (3) levels of catalog records within Evergreen  – bibliographic, volume, and item records. Bibliographic records may also be called “title” records; volume records are the “call number” records; and item/holding records are the “copy” records with assigned barcodes. The following screenshot illustrates the difference between the different record levels:

Before a local holding can be added, a matching bibliographic record must exist within the catalog. Because only one bibliographic record should exist for the exact same material within NC Cardinal and the bibliographic record is "owned" by the entire consortium, the MARC record should not contain any local notes or library system/branch specific information (except in the case of e-resource 856 $9 location codes, discussed in more detail in a later chapter).

Once a cataloger selects or adds the appropriate bibliographic record, a volume record may be created for each owning library branch using a local call number. The volume record is "owned" by an individual library branch.

The item record is then attached to the volume/call number record and identifies the barcode assigned to that individual copy. The item record is "owned" by an individual library branch and local copy notes may be added, but should not be OPAC visible.

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