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1.1. Staff Permission Group Restructure

The NC Cardinal consortium has been working for several years on the cataloging training and assessment project, which encompasses a restructure of staff permission groups to restrict cataloging permissions to those staff members who have passed assessments and to allow for a more efficient structure and inheritance of Evergreen permissions.

Current structure:

Planned Restructure:

The types of privileges granted to these permission groups are not yet settled and will be tested by staff with input from library directors, System Login Access Managers, the Cataloging Committee, the UX Committee, and the Governance Committee. Once the final distribution of permissions is determined, they will be listed here, as well.


You can set up a generic account assigned to the Reports permission group, if you would find it easier to retain all library reporting in one account. Please keep in mind that that the Reports group does not have permissions to view patron accounts or items. It is only intended for running reports and getting report output spreadsheets to make it easier if multiple staff need to access report data from one shared account. Staff would need to log in with their main account to look at patron or item information.

Volunteer/Circ Lite (only for non-staff volunteer who requires access to the Evergreen staff client to perform duties):




Circ Lead (inherits Circulator permissions):


Branch Admin (inherits all Circ Lead permissions):


System Admin (inherits all Local Admin permissions):


Item Cat (inherits only Circulator permissions):


Bib Cat (inherits all Item Cat permissions):

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