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6.3. Evergreen Credit Card Setup

Libraries can choose to set up patron bill payment via credit card within Evergreen. The credit card feature requires the following:

Payment Processing Service

You may choose any bank or credit card service as long as they use AuthorizeNet, PayPal, PayflowPro, or Stripe.

Set up credit card processing

Once a credit card service is selected and active for your library system, please submit a help ticket to let NC Cardinal staff know you are enabling Evergreen credit card processing at your library. Proceed to set up credit card processing within Evergreen.

Open the Library Settings Editor window via the Administration menu within Evergreen: Admin→ Local Admin→ Library Setting

Search for Library Setting “Allow Credit Card Payments”

Select your library SYSTEM from the Context dropdown menu and set the Value to "True".  Different branch accounts are not possible within Evergreen.  

You must provide login information to Evergreen for the selected credit card service.

Please contact the NC Cardinal staff at the State Library if you need any assistance editing Library Settings.

Example Setup for AuthorizeNET as a credit card service

On the Library Settings window, enter:

Test Processing Beforehand

Each type of credit card service provides a “test mode” within Evergreen so that you may test your connections before going “live” with credit card payments. Look for the “test mode” library setting for your credit card service. Set the setting = TRUE.  Do some testing with your chosen credit card vendor to ensure that the test transactions are going through. When you are ready to “go live” with credit card processing, reset this setting = FALSE.

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