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6.2. Credit Card Payment Options

There are 3 different ways to allow patrons to pay bills with credit cards at the library. Two are external (not tied to Evergreen) and one is internal. The first of the two external options would be to contract with an existing RFID provider (such as Bibliotheca) to provide credit card processing on self-check kiosks. (Neuse is doing this.)

The second external option would be to contract with any credit card vendor who provides the credit card terminals and processes the transactions outside of Evergreen. In order to reconcile between the vendor reports and Evergreen, staff would need to add the amount that patrons are paying at the desk (via the cc terminal) into Evergreen manually at the time of payment. (Davie is doing this.)

The only internal option is to set up credit card processing with a bank or credit card vendor that uses AuthorizeNet, PayPal, PayflowPro, or Stripe. This setup allows patrons to self-serve, making payments via the OPAC from home or in the library, and staff do not need to handle patron credit cards at all. (Appalachian, Cumberland, and Iredell are doing this.) It also may be possible to work with the authorized processors through your local bank.

For instructions to set up credit card processing within Evergreen, please see Evergreen Credit Card Setup.


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