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1.2. Questions and Answers

Question: Please explain the difference between the XUL staff client and the web browser client.

Answer: The XUL staff client is software based and is what we have always used to access Evergreen up to this point. XUL Runner is outdated and Evergreen is replacing it with web-based functionality. The web browser client does not require software to access the NC Cardinal database. We recommend only using the Chrome browser for the web client.  

Question: Will the web client work on an iPad Pro?

Answer: There are some known issues with the web client and Apple products. Debbie Luchenbill has been able to get it to work on her Mac desktop. Blake Graham-Henderson reported that Chrome is really just Safari on Apple products and the Evergreen community has reported problems with using on iPads.

Question: Will keyboard shortcuts still work in the web client? 

Answer: Yes, they will

Question: Can we still use the staff client for cataloging and administrative functions?

Answer: Yes, we are recommending that you use only circulation functions in the web client for now, and the staff client for the other functions (acquisitions, administration, cataloging, serials, etc.).

Question: Is it possible to add multiple volumes and copies for any branch in your system?

Answer: Yes, it is possible by choosing a different volume-owning location and clicking the "Add Volume" button (button in left corner of screenshot). Then, you can select the number of copies for each branch.

Question: Will self-checks continue to work with Evergreen is the same fashion going forward or will configuration changes be required?

Answer: Yes. At this point, we are expecting present self-checks to interact with Evergreen in the same fashion. Self-checks operate using SIP connection and with the SIP not changing, your self-checks should not be affected with the migration to 3.1. I will be sure to keep you posted if anything changes.

Question: Will all library systems GoLive at the same time?

Answer: All library systems will process their offline transactions at the start of Monday morning, October 15th, and will be able to golive afterwards.

User Interface

Question: When selecting from a list, is it possible to highlight multiple lines by using the Shift key?

Answer: Yes, you can click within the line (but not on the checkbox or hyperlinked text) and use the Shift or Control keys to highlight multiple lines. This will check the selection box automatically and you can choose the desired action from the Actions dropdown menu.

Question: Clicking and dragging column width is much better than the current method of expanding/shrinking arrows. Will these be changed?

Answer: Not in the near future, as far as we know.

Question: How can we add things like patron name to the holds shelf grid?

Answer: The column picker in now a down arrow on the right edge on the Actions bar. Click on the down arrow and select the desired field to add or subtract from the list grid. 

Question: Is there a simplified pull list print option in the web client?

Answer: No, but you can select the columns you want to be the highest priority and your list will sort based on those. There is a Print Full Grid action in the web staff client holds pull list to allow staff to print the entire pull list as it displays on the screen. This change also changes the Export CSV action to an Export Full CSV option, which allows you to download as an Excel spreadsheet.

The Simplified Pull List still exists in the XUL staff client, so you may want to print the hold pull list from the XUL staff client, as it will now display subfields 245$n and $p in the title field to make it easier for staff to distinguish between different parts or seasons in a series. 

Question: In 3.1, when accessing the Transit List found in Local Administration, all options displayed are available to staff regardless of their permissions. In 2.12, majority of these options were only available to individuals with an admin password. Once migrated to 3.1, will all options continue to be accessible to all or like 2.12, will permissions go back into affect limiting individuals without appropriate permissions?

 Answer: After migrating to 3.1, all current permissions will go back into affect, limiting access to those without appropriate permissions.

Question: In 3.1, is there a way to only have to set the disable highlighting once per workstation?

Answer: No. This action is not considered "sticky" and will have to be done each time when needed.

Working With Patron Accounts

Question: For batch editing patrons, will there be separate permissions for batch patron edits and deleting patrons?

Answer: The patron batch permissions (and all other new permissions) will be allocated as a part of the larger staff permissions project

Question: When searching for a patron by name (new feature) in the hold screen, will the notification methods carry over after selecting the patron?

Answer: The notifications will either fill in based on the patron preferences previously selected/saved in their account or can be set or changed by staff or patrons when placing the hold.

Question: When checking out to patrons with fines, will the red highlight indicating items checked out with associated fines display in 3.1 as in 2.12

Answer: Yes, the feature of highlighting items with associated fines that are still checked out will be available in 3.1. Also like in 2.12, the Bills tab will automatically open.


Question: Does the web client have responsive design?

Answer: No, it is expected in version 3.2

Question: Do you know if there will be any changes to SIP in this version? Or will the server IP address change?

Answer: No change

Question: Hatch: My understanding is that it saves both print settings and column settings. Is that correct?

Answer: This issue is in flux. The code to move ALL of these settings onto the server is done and might already be merged. That feature is going to be part of 3.2 so it won't happen for you until you upgrade again in the future. The direct answer is: Hatch has three things it can do (listed in Administration ->
Print / Storage Service ("Hatch"))

(a) Use Hatch For Printing
(b) Store Local Settings in Hatch
(c) Store Offline Transaction Data in Hatch
If item (b) if enabled, should store the column preferences in Hatch. This means that if the browser cache is deleted, you should be able to hook Hatch back up, and poof, the settings are restored.

Question: It seems like there is a default "out of the can" set of column configurations, and that it is possible to save and export column settings. The working group is concerned about column configuration being a pain point for the transition. Could we configure a default "best practice" set of column configurations that everyone would get unless they changed them?

Answer: Sorry, this is code development and not a feature in Evergreen to change. It's not a realistic timeline to implement such a code change.

Question: Will/can column configurations or receipt configurations set up in "next" persist for the upgrade?

Answer: Any settings that anyone makes on the (next) server will not work on the production server because the URL's are different. The URL is how Hatch settings are divided.

Question: If I copy our current templates to a word document, will I be able to paste them back into the new system and locally save each?

Answer: No, the printer configurations for the software client are formatted differently than the templates used in the web client. Documentation on configuring receipt templates in the web client can be found here: 


Question: Is there a way to add the Parent-Child library system relationship on transit and hold transit slips?

Answer: Cardinal can set up a new default consortium-wide code within the transit and hold transit slips to incorporate the Parent-Child relationship for libraries. Remember that while the default templates can be created for the consortium, coding on the local end for individual system verbiage will need to be done on all workstations within a branch, system. Template files are stored on each workstation that code has been applied.

Question: How long will we be using XUL for cataloging and acquisitions?

Answer: At least until 3.2 upgrade since 3.1 is still too buggy.

Question: How about library settings, circ rules, and other admin functions? Do you have recommendations for using XUL or Webby?

Answer: For library settings, circulation rules, and other admin functions, you would be able to use Webby at this time.

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