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3.3. Should You Use Hatch with the Web Client?

One of the options to consider when using the Evergreen web client in 3.1 is whether to use a Chrome browser extension called Hatch. After consulting with other library consortia and reviewing the documentations, we're not recommending Hatch as a default. We've learned that it can have benefits, but it can also introduce complications into your experience. 

Do You Need Hatch?

Do I Need To Install Hatch

This document from CW Mars walks you through the decision making process on whether you need to install Hatch on your machine.

If You Do Not Use Hatch

Auto Print Options

If You Decide To Use Hatch

How To Install Hatch

Fixing Stuck Preferences

More documentation about Hatch: http://nccardinalsupport.org/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=338

Optional Set Up and Configuration for Chrome

Chrome Home Page and Other Settings

Chrome Bookmarks

Chrome Profiles

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