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2.1. Item Cataloging Assessment

Please click on the button above to go to SurveyMonkey. The Item Cataloging assessment is open book, so we encourage you to use the Cataloging Best Practices knowledge book and any notes from the recent training workshops. These are individual assessments, so you should not be collaborating on the answers with colleagues while taking the assessment. You can scroll through the entire list of questions to edit any answer until you hit the Done button at the end, so please check your answers carefully before completing the assessment.

We will be checking results regularly, so staff who achieve a passing score will receive an official confirmation email from us within a week or so. There will be no negative consequences for staff who do not get a passing score at first, and they are free to take it again immediately or at a later time and as many times as they want to/need to. After January 2019, any staff who have not yet passed can be working with a Bibliographic Cataloger who has passed both assessments, is actively supervising their work, and teaching what they need to pass the assessment(s).

Printable reference document for matching questions.

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