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4.6. Large Print Fiction

Fixed Field Value

Type a

BLvl m

Desc i

RDA coding (older non-RDA records are "a" here instead of "i")
Elvl (various)

Encoding level.
Form d

Indicates large print ; creates icon in OPAC

illustrations (blank if none) ; right click for options
Srce d

shows source of cataloging info. (various values)
Conf 0

Fest 0

Audn e

e = adults ; j = juvenile ; d = adolescent ; g = general
LitF 1

fiction (1=unspecified fiction, f=novel)
DtSt s

s = single (pub) date ; right click for options
Indx 0

Index? 0=No
Lang eng

eng = English ; change as appropriate

Country (and state if US) ; right click for options
Date1 yyyy

year of publication

year of original publication if a reprint/reissue (leave blank if not applicable)

Tag Ind 1 Ind 2 Variable Fields Comment

070502r\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\000\0\eng\d Integrated with grid info. ; sample shown (spacing of characters is CRITICAL)

$a LCCN - Library of Congress Control Number

$a ISBN - International Standard Book Number

$a Not part of our templates, but if it is present on an imported record, retin it (OCLC number)
082 0 4 $a$c Dewey call number. Ind2=0 means assigned by LC, Ind2=4 means assigned by agency OTHER than LC
100 1
$a$d use $d as needed for author dates, per authority record; use $e relationship designator as appropriate
245 1 0 $a$b$h[Large print]$c Ind1=1 means there is a 100 line above (i.e., not an edited volume), Ind1=0 means no 100 line. Ind 2 varies depending on lead word in title (If it's an article, then the value in ind2 shows how many characters to skip for alphabetization purposes, so "0" for a non-article, "2" for "A"; "3" for "An"; "4" for "The".

$aLarge print edition. Edition statement (usually=Large print edition.)
1 $a$b$c Publisher Info ; if record has 260, replace with 264

$a$b$c Physical characteristics




$nlarge print$2rda
490 1
$a$v Series name, if applicable ; Use with tag 800 or 830 ; check authority record for series name.

$a General note, as needed

$a If no brief description exists, create one
0 $a$vFiction LOC subject heading indicator. Must use LOC controlled vocabulary for these subject headings
0 $a LOC genre heading (=Large type books)
700 1
$a$d$e Added author entry, Ind1 = surname first ; only use $d as needed, per authority record; use $e relationship designator as applicable
800 1
$a$d$t$v Authority Controlled Series Title w/ author name and dates, and volume number, as appropriate; transcribe exactly as it appears in authority record
0 $a$v Authority Controlled Series Title w/out Author Name, as appropriate ; transcribe exactly as it appears in authority record (volume number as appropriate)

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