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1.1. Using the Standalone Interface

Evergreen’s Standalone Interface / Offline Interface is designed to log transactions during scheduled or unscheduled network outages or other periods of time when the NC Cardinal production database is inaccessible, including library migrations into the NC Cardinal consortium.  These stored transactions can be uploaded and processed once normal database operations are restored.

The terms Offline Interface and Standalone Interface mean the same thing: a separate program to handle simple circulation tasks while the library is offline for a period of time.

To access the Offline Interface, navigate to the Staff Client login screen and click Standalone Interface

The Evergreen Standalone Interface window opens.

Check Out

To circulate items from the Evergreen standalone interface:

  1. Click Check Out on the top menu bar. The Standalone Check Out screen opens.
  2. Ensure that the date on the left-hand side of the menu bar is correct. The default dates are based on your computer settings.

    3. While offline, patrons MUST have their library card barcode to check out, since you will not be able to log into the staff client to look them up by name. Enter the patron’s library card barcode in the Enter the patron’s barcode field by scanning or typing the barcode. Make sure that the full barcode was captured correctly.

Please be aware that Evergreen is not able to check circulation policies or other limiting factors that determine whether patrons are or are not allowed to check out specific numbers or types of items in the Standalone Interface. If you have downloaded the offline patron list, Evergreen will automatically flag any matching barcodes for patrons who were blocked, barred, or expired at the time the offline patron list was downloaded and a pop-up message will appear on screen. Accounts which are inactive will not have a pop-up message.

The pop-up messages displays one of these three messages in preferential order - blocked, barred, expired. So, if a patron has one or more issues  blocked and expired  only one pop-up message will appear to indicate that the patron is blocked. 

Please note that it is still possible to acknowledge the message and continue with checkout to these patrons and the transactions may not appear in the exceptions list, since proceeding with the checkout constitutes a staff override in Evergreen.

The Check barcode? boxes Step 2) for patron barcode and Step 4) for item barcode are intended for libraries who utilize the check digit numbering system for their barcodes. If you are certain that your library system only uses barcodes that have a check digit at the end of them for patron and/or item barcodes, you can mark the Check barcode? boxes to ensure that the string of numbers looks like a valid barcode using that criteria. Otherwise, it is best to leave these boxes unchecked to prevent potential exceptions that the local system administrator will need to resolve. The pop-up warning for ineligible patrons (based on the offline patron list) will appear whether or not the Check barcode? box is checked on screen.

    4. Ensure that the due date is correct in the Enter the item due date field. You may enter a different due date manually, or select a different duration from the dropdown list to select a relative due date based on the loan period for the type of item (dvd vs book). It is helpful to sort like items together before checking out, grouping dvds to check out, then changing the date to check out books, for example.

    5. Check out items:

  • For cataloged items:
    • Scan each item’s barcode in Enter the item barcode field. If your scanner is not set to automatically enter the barcode or if you type in a barcode by hand, make sure you hit the Enter key after entering the item barcode.

    • Check to make sure that each item appears on the right side of the screen and that the full barcode was captured correctly.  

  • For non-cataloged items:
    • Click Choose a non-barcode option to select a non-cataloged category from the drop-down list.

    • Enter the number of items you want to check out, then click OK on the prompt window.

    6. Scan all items, changing the due date if necessary.

    7. If you wish to print a receipt, select the Print receipt? checkbox. You may choose to print two receipts — one for the patron and one for your library — which would allow library staff to do some troubleshooting with upload errors when the system is back up. Note: some receipt setup may be required before the offline period.

    8. Click Save these transactions. This is a very important step.

Note: If you fail to save the transactions, the data is not captured and there is no record of the checkout to the patron.

Pre-catalogued item circulation is not available on Offline Interface. If an existing pre-cat barcode happens to be used, it is checked out with the previous author and title. If a new pre-cat barcode is attempted, an error of ASSET NOT FOUND (item not found) is returned upon processing offline transactions.

Note: The Delete Selected Transaction button at the bottom right of the Check Out and Renew screens does not work:

Unfortunately, there is no code in Evergreen to support that button, so you will not want to use it while offline.

If staff accidentally scan the wrong barcode (ISBN or a misscan that doesn't capture all digits, etc.), they could close the window without saving the transactions listed, including the problem ISBN, but must be sure to re-scan the patron barcode and all item barcodes that were scanned and not saved before, so that they re-capture the entirety of those transactions. Each time the screen wipes after staff click on the Save these transactions button Evergreen has captured and recorded the transactions, so anything that was previously saved in that offline session is fine and does not need to be repeated. All the cumulative saved transactions are in a file on the PC itself. You can close out of the Standalone screen and reopen as many time as you like, it causes no difficulty to do so.

Alternatively, after scanning an incorrect barcode, staff can simply scan the correct one and save the transactions. There will be an exception for the ISBN, but whoever is processing exceptions should see that the number is not recognized as an item and does not match you barcode range.


If the offline period is planned, it is best to extend due dates to ensure that no items will become due during the offline period and avoid renewing items while offline.

Note: Using the Renew feature can create additional transaction exceptions once transactions are uploaded into Evergreen, which the local system administrator must resolve.

To renew an item, you must have the item’s barcode number.

Note: The Renew window is very similar to the Check Out window. The differences are that a patron’s barcode is optional on the Renew window, and the non-barcoded option is not available on the Renew window, as non-barcoded items can not be renewed.

To renew items from the Evergreen standalone interface:

  1. Click Renew on the top menu bar.

  2. Ensure that the date on the left-hand side of the menu bar is correct.
  3. (Optional): Enter the patron’s library card barcode in the Enter the patron’s barcode field by scanning or typing the barcode.
  4. Ensure that the due date is correct in the Enter the item due date field. You may enter a different due date manually, or select a different duration from the dropdown list to select a relative due date based on the loan period.
  5. For each item to be renewed, enter the item’s barcode in the Enter the item barcode field. The barcode appears on the right side of the screen.
  6. To print a receipt, select the Print receipt? checkbox.
  7. Click Save these transactions.

In-house Use

To record in-house use transactions from the Evergreen standalone interface:

  1. Click In House Use on the top menu bar.
  2. Ensure the date is correct.
  3. Enter the number of uses to record for the item in the Enter the number of uses of the item field.
  4. Enter the item barcode number in the Enter the item barcode field.
  5. Repeat the previous 2 steps until all items have been scanned.
  6. To print a receipt, select the Print receipt? checkbox.
  7. Click Save these transactions.
Note: Staff may record preestablished non-cataloged type data, such as door count, computer use, reference questions, etc. by clicking choose a non-barcoded option on the Standalone Check Out screen.

Check In

Staff MUST NOT check in items while offline.

Without access to Evergreen database, items on holds or with special status will not be captured in offline mode and offline transactions may not be processed in the same order that they occurred, so a check in transaction could be processed for a recently checked out item before the check out transaction has actually be processed. This would leave the item showing as checked out, when in fact it had already been returned by the patron.

As you receive items during the offline period, it is helpful to go ahead and do whatever you would normally to make sure the returned item has all components and is in good shape (all discs or inserts, no damage, etc.) then sort them into containers or onto carts grouped by shelving location, as much as possible. That way, once you are able to begin checking in items when back online, staff can check in items that are all going to the same shelves (batches of DVDs, audiobooks, etc.) without having to do any sorting on what is likely to be a hectic day. It is a good idea to store those returned items outside the view of patrons, if possible, so that patrons do not try to browse or try to check out items that have not yet been checked in.

A local system administrator for each library system will manage the processing of offline transactions and any exceptions. Only after the local system administrator notifies staff that all transactions and exceptions have been processed and resolved on March 5th can staff begin to check in materials while logged into the Evergreen staff client in the usual way.

Register Patron

NC Cardinal recommends that libraries not register new patrons while offline.

Staff will not be able to search the patron database to see if someone already has a card with fines/fees, etc.

Last Receipt

This button re-prints the last receipt you printed.


Close the Standalone Interface – the Evergreen Offline window – by clicking on the Exit button at the end of each day. Remember to click on Standalone Interface at the beginning of each day while offline. (DO NOT log into Evergreen at any time during a scheduled offline period.)

Once the scheduled service is completed, libraries staff will be notified when they are free to log back into the Evergreen staff client. At that time staff can begin to check out, but must wait until their local system administrator has processed and resolved all offline transactions and exceptions before beginning to check in items. 

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