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3.7. Electronic Resources

E-resources that are offered to the consortium as a whole, such as the NC KIDS Digital Library or through NC LIVE, as well as purchases through the E-inc and NC Digital consortia are uploaded by designated staff. Any supplemental e-resources purchased by an individual library system are uploaded by staff at that system following these best practices.

The 856 field:

Importing E-resources

It is important to edit the e-resource MARC records provided by your vendor using MARCEdit or other software before importing into Evergreen:

Batch Import Configuration:

   1. Click on MARC Batch Import/Export in the middle of the splash screen. 

   2. Record Type = Defaults to Bibliographic Records.

   3. Create a New Upload Queue = Type in an appropriate name, one that is recognizable and unique. You could use some variation on the filename created above.

NOTE: If you accidentally skip this field, an unnamed queue is created for you by default. It appears as a blank line at the top of the drop-down list for Existing queues. Any new batches with no queue selected will be added to the unnamed queue.

   4. Record Match Set = Always use the default Cardinal match match set. If you believe you need a different match set, please contact the NC Cardinal team.

   5. Holdings Import Profile = This is not necessary when importing e-resources.

   6. Select a Record Source: Choose a record source. System Local or OCLC are appropriate in almost all cases.

   7. Merge/Overlay Profile: Please use the EBook merge/overlay profile. This will add the 856 field and the appropriate $9 and other changes you have made using MarcEdit software.

   8. Import Non-Matching Records = Check this box.

   9. Merge on Exact Matches (901c): Do NOT check this option. This option is only used when Evergreen records have been exported, edited, and then you wish to replace the EXACT record.

  10. Merge on Single Match: It is unnecessary to check this option if you check Merge on Best Match.

  11. Merge on Best Match: Check this box.

  12. File to Upload: Once you’ve created an Upload Queue and the appropriate Record Source, select the record file. The file should be a record or set of records you have saved in MARC format. Click the Browse button. The File Upload window opens. Use the Look In drop-down box to find the file you need if it is not displayed. When you have selected the MARC record file and it is displayed in the File Name box, click the Open button. The File Upload window will close and your file should be displayed in the “File to Upload” field.

  13. The Upload button transfers records from the import file to the CARDINAL server. Once the upload button is clicked, the screen displays “Uploading… Processing…” to indicate that the records are being transferred. A progress bar should display, showing the actual import progress.

  14. When the records have finished uploading, the Record Queue screen should display. If you selected Import Non-Matching Records, all new records and holdings should automatically be imported. Any records that duplicate existing records within NC Cardinal will be displayed in the import queue you created.

Review Queue:

Confirm all records were loaded or updated and have an associated TCN.  Conduct quality control by reviewing at least 2 bib records.

Investigate and correct any records with more than 1 match identified.  If needed, download queue as a .csv and share results.

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