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3.14. Different Format/Material Types

Never convert a bibliographic record from one material type to another. Records contain type specific identifiers in multiple fields, such as the 007 (non-print media), 008 (fixed fields), 020 (ISBN), 035 (OCLC number), etc. and should not be treated as interchangeable for different formats. For example, do not convert a regular print bibliographic record to a large print record or vice versa.

Additionally, two different item types/formats should not be cataloged on the same bibliographic record unless they were bound together by the publisher and circulate together. For instance, a DVD and a Blu-ray should not share the same record unless share the same publication identifiers (ISBN, UPC, etc.) and circulate together. See Videos section.

Bibliographic records for electronic resources (i.e. e-books, e-audiobooks, e-videos) that require authentication through another website should never have physical holdings attached. *NOTE: Some bibliographical records for physical holdings may have 856 links to full digital pdf versions of the print resource. Do not delete these 856 field(s). Also, do not delete digitization request links for bibliographic records that include Government and Heritage Library holdings.

NOTE: Kits created by a library system may be on the same bibliographic record, following the standards specified in the Cataloging Kits section.

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