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10.9. Managing Holds in the Title Record

Managing Holds in Title Records

  1. Retrieve and display the title record in the catalog.
  2. Click Actions → View Holds.

  3. All holds on this title to be picked up at your library are displayed. Use the Pickup Library to view holds to be picked up at other libraries.

  4. Highlight the hold you want to edit. Choose an action from the Actions menu. For more information see the Actions for Selected Holds section. For example, you can retrieve the hold requestor’s account by selecting Retrieve Patron from this menu.


Retargeting Holds

Holds need to be retargeted whenever a new item is added to a record, or after some types of item status changes, for instance when an item is changed from On Order to In Process. The system does not automatically recognize the newly added items as available to fill holds.

  1. View the holds for the item.
  2. Highlight all the holds for the record, which have a status of Waiting for Copy. If there are a lot of holds, it may be helpful to sort the holds by Status.
  3. Click on the head of the status column.
  4. Under Actions, select Find Another Target.
  5. A window will open asking if you are sure you would like to reset the holds for these items.
  6. Click Yes. Nothing may appear to happen, or if you are retargeting a lot of holds at once, your screen may go blank or seem to freeze for a moment while the holds are retargeted.
  7. When the screen refreshes, the holds will be retargeted. The system will now recognize the new items as available for holds.

Note: Be sure that you do not retarget holds that are already in transit or on the holds shelf.

Transferring Holds

  1. Holds on one title can be transferred to another with the hold request time preserved. To do so, you need to find the destination title and click Mark for: → Title Hold Transfer.

  2. Select the hold you want to transfer. Click Actions → Transfer to Marked Title.

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