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1.2. Using the XUL Staff Client for Cataloging

While we are in Evergreen 3.1, catalogers should use the downloaded 3.1 XUL staff client to catalog materials, rather than the web client. This downloaded software can be used for access to all NC Cardinal databases  the training database (with concerto dataset), the dev database (copy of NC Cardinal production environment to use for testing and library migrations), and the production database.

Client and Workstation Set Up 

The Evergreen staff client must be installed on every workstation that will use by staff to carry out daily activities for example checking out items, checking in, paying bills, cataloging, and acquisitions.  

  1. Download the current executable software file.
  2. Open the staff client.
  3. At the top left quadrant of the XUL staff client login window, enter the Hostname
    1. The hostname is:

a. For test database:   devxxx.nccardinal.org  where xxx = your library system’s assigned name for example “bladen.nccardinal.org” or “fontana.nccardinal.org”

b. For production:  xxx.nccardinal.org where xxx = your library system’s assigned name for example “davidson.nccardinal.org” or “madison.nccardinal.org”

     4.  Click the Re-Test Server button. If you receive an error, click the Add SSL Exception button.

     5.  Make sure that the checkbox “Permanently store this exception” is checked. Click the Confirm Security Exception button.

     6.  Make sure that the Status and Version fields state “200: OK” in green letters. If this is your first time logging using the XUL staff client, the workstation (top right quadrant) will not yet be configured.

     7.  Log into the staff client in the bottom left Authentication quadrant using your assigned username/password. Contact your System Login Access Manager or submit an help ticket, if you are not sure of your login credentials.

     8. Once logged in, the top right Workstation quadrant will have a red box, requiring a WS name (workstation) and Organization location. Enter the assigned workstation name for the PC or laptop, usually based on the location within the library (circ1, ref7). The workstation name must be unique (within the library system) for that PC/laptop and the same workstation name must be consistently used, whether logging into the web client or the XUL staff client at that PC/laptop.

     9.  In the Organization field, enter the correct short policy code for the library branch location where the workstation is located. Each library branch has an assigned branch short policy code name. (Example in screenshot: MARSHALL is the short policy code for one of the branches in the Madison County library system.) Check with your branch manager or System Login Access Manager, if you are unsure of the short policy code for your library branch. The WS Organization field is used by Evergreen to tell where items are checked in, where they belong, and whether items should or should not be transited to a different branch, so selecting the correct branch is critical to correct library operations.

   10.  Only after you are completely sure that you have entered the correct information for WS Name and Organization should you click on the Register button. Incorrectly setting the workstation to a duplicate workstation name or to the wrong Organization short policy code will require additional assistance to correct. Please contact your System Login Access Manager or submit an help ticket.

   11.  Once the workstation is registered, log in again on the lower left Authentication quadrant using your assigned username/password combination.  The workstation will only need to be set up one time for each hostname and will automatically appear in the top right quadrant the next time you log into that hostname.

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