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3.1. Creating a UPS Shipping Label

     UPS is our consortium shipping service at this present time. Each time a staff member is shipping material to another system within the consortium, they will need to go to the UPS CampusShip website, located at www.campusship.ups.com. The contact person may allow other staff members access to the login and password, which is fine as long as the contact person is responsible for any issues that occur. A recommendation: whatever computer you use for your shipping of materials, you can save the information for future logins.

     When a library system comes aboard to NC Cardinal, information is collected on who will be in charge of that system’s resource sharing. With the information collected, the Cardinal team will contact its UPS representative to set up an account for that system. Then, a conference call training session between a UPS trainer and the library system contact will be arranged. One of the first things that the UPS trainer will go over with each contact is how to use the address book for your labeling making receipts. It is up to the individual library system and contact person as to how to set up the information. You do need to have at least the following 4 pertinent areas of information on a printed label when sending out a package:

  1. Library Hub (what library location the package is mailed to)
  2. Contact (who is responsible for receiving/sending the shipments)
  3. Address of hub (where the library hub is located for shipment of packages)
  4. Phone Number of contact (a quick reference for the person receiving packages)

Your library’s UPS account is strictly for resource sharing shipping in NC Cardinal only.

Creating a UPS Shipping label

Go to www.campusship.ups.com and log-in. “Create a Shipment” should automatically pop up. If not, click on the “Shipping” tab. You will now start to complete the following sections:

Section 1: “Where is this shipment going?
This is where the address book is located and you should select where the shipment is going. Once you select a hub, then the pertinent information of that hub is populated.

Note: Some libraries have more than three or four branches. Example: Asheville has 13 different branches. It is recommended that you set up only the library system hub information since it will be where material is directly sent or received.

Section 2: “Where is this shipment coming from?” This will populate itself once you log into the system. This is done by setting up your information with the State Library and UPS.

Section 3: “What are you shipping?”
Packaging Type. You must choose “Other Packaging” and then input the packages weight.

Section 4: “How would you like to ship?”
The service should always say UPS Ground Service. Then, you can check the boxes asking for “Send E-mail Notifications” and “Receive confirmation of delivery”.

This is not a mandatory guideline but will help with tracking packages that you send to other consortia members. The contact person would then receive both of these emails. Then scroll down towards the bottom of the screen and click “next” again on the second page displayed.

On the 3rd page, scroll down and click “Ship Now”.

Lastly, a box should pop up asking where to print. Make sure that your printer is set up to correspond with the computer you are using to print your labels. Select Print.

Once you have completed these steps, you can view a Tracking Number of the package along with a Guaranteed Delivery date, discounted charges for shipping, and the account of the shipper or library system.

Take the printed label, fold in half with the UPS barcode and pertinent library system hub information front facing, place in one of the clear label UPS sleeves that you have ordered from UPS, and place on your package. Seal the sleeve closed for mailing.

Once you have finished this process, your material can be placed wherever your daily UPS/mail delivery will be picked up or dropped off.

Remember, whenever you reuse any box that your system has acquired for shipping that old labels be covered up, marked through, or taken off the box so that UPS does not think the box is either being sent right back to your system or to go to someone else that isn’t a part of our consortium.

How to Void a Package or Reprint a Packaging Slip

If you ever need to reprint a packaging slip or need to cancel a shipment before it has been sent out, you will need to look up the Tracking number of the package.

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