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2.1. Library Hub

In NC Cardinal, each library system has a “hub” library, usually the main branch of that particular system. The hub handles all material to be sent out to other library systems’ hubs and any material coming to its own library system. Within multiple branch library systems, resource sharing is already prevalent amongst the branches, so a courier service of some sort is present. This courier service will still be used within each system and material being requested from a consortium branch library will be sent to the hub for shipping. Time differs with each system as to when courier services are used during the week (some systems have courier runs on Mondays and Thursdays while others have it Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday).

The hub of a library system will also usually house the contact person who is in charge of shipping/ receiving consortium materials. The contact person works with the mail service NC Cardinal uses for its handling of material. At this time, we are under contract with UPS. Each library system should have a backup in case the contact person is not present for a long period of time.

Each hub should have a space that is designated to accommodate for the shipping/receiving of consortium materials. Some hubs have a room that is used to process these materials while other systems may not have a large space to perform these daily tasks. It will be left up to the hub to decide on how this is arranged. Shelving can be a great way of storing the day’s pull list items or even separation of library system’s requests. If possible, a table of sorts can work nicely as a base for a scale, packaging tape, and other materials. A computer with a printer should be nearby to create your package labels.

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