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4.3. Fines and Unexpected Closings

In Evergreen, fines are generated for each day in the early morning hours of the day they are owed. For example, fines owed for January 25th are billed the morning of January 25th by the automated fine generator, but are dated January 24th @ 11:59 pm. This means that the library fines for the day are already billed by the time the library opens. If the library is scheduled to be open normally and then closes early for bad weather or other unexpected causes, any fines for that day will already have been billed. This is why backdating checkins to the library’s last regular open day after a weather-related closing is currently the most useful option to resolve fines once the library reopens. Evergreen 3.2 add a new Emergency Closing Handler that will automatically extend existing circulation and booking due dates and hold shelf expiration times.

If there is a grace period and the grace day for the patron falls on the 25th, then they won't be fined on that day. There are several library settings that can affect which days are counted as grace days, so please review Fines and Grace Days and let us know if grace days do not seem to be working as described or expected for your library system.

Another suggestion is to make changes in the Closed Dates Editor under Local Administration the day before an anticipated weather-related closing, based on the forecast. Library admin users can show a future date as a closed date for weather, which means that fines will not be generated for patrons on the indicated future date.

If closed dates are added on or after the actual day, fines will not be removed retroactively, so making the change ahead of time is the only way to use this particular feature. Even if the weather doesn’t live up to predictions and the library is able to open sooner than expected, patrons would be undercharged rather than overcharged, which is often the preference.

If fines are billed that library leadership would like to have removed from patrons’ accounts due to an unexpected closing, staff can void fines for individual dates using the Full Details screen in the bill tab on the patron account.

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