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2.9. Selecting Individual Titles and Customizing Data Ranges

Summon allows you to select and subscribe to individual database titles without subscribing to the entire database. This action can be completed by selecting the Title Coverage checkbox found in Data Management. If you are unable to select the checkbox, see if the Knowledge Base list the database a second time. This second listing is due to the request of some database providers wanting a separate listing for selecting individual titles. If the title is not listed twice, please contact the Summon Support Team for further assistance.

Once the page has been saved, after selecting the Title Coverage checkbox, the title count will change to 0 and you can then began to select titles by clicking on the titles count (found near the top of the screen between “Provider” and “Status”).  

When viewing the title list, select “Edit Status” in the top right corner of the screen and selection boxes will display on the left side of the title list. Continue by selecting the titles the you wish to subscribe too. By default, the newly chosen titles will display as “Subscribed” within the top status window. For large title list, the filter bar at the top of the screen can help to narrow your search down. You may also use the “Upload” and “Download” buttons in the top right corner to further assist in working with large amounts of individual titles. The Upload and Download features are considered apart of the Offline Date and Status Editor. For further information regarding using the Offline Date and Status Editor (ODSE), please see the training module: .

Once you have completed selecting individual titles, Data Management will display the number of titles selected. However, users will not have access to newly added titles until the Summon daily refresh and update occurs.

By using the Holding Details Page, you can customize a title within the Database. This feature is normally used when a subscription does not display full coverage information as reported by the provider. Appropriate coverage can be added using the “Custom Coverage Date” field below the Defaults For Holding field.

If you need to add a title to Data Management but do not know the name of the database that the title belongs to, you can perform a title search using the e-Catalog.

When viewing the list of databases within the knowledge base that contains the needed title, if your access to the database is not yet in your profile, you will have to add the database and then select the title. You are unable to activate a title in the database that is not apart of your data management profile.

Patron Driven Acquisitions and Demand Driven Acquisitions collections change often and providers such as ProQuest Ebooks and Ebook Library are able to send Summon daily feeds of updated title list automatically. The Client Center home page displays when holdings were last updated. Further instructions on how to set this automatic feature up can be found within the ExLibris Training Center.

Adding non-electronic items such as microfilm and print can be added within Data Management to make these items are visible within your Summon services. Titles of items such are held in the Library Specific Holdings database.Titles can be added individually or by uploading a spreadsheet of the titles.

For further information regarding selecting individual titles and customizing date ranges, please visit the ExLibris Knowledge Center

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