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2.3. Adding Logos to Summon

While working within the Settings tab of the Administration Console, under “Logos”, you may want to customize your library’s version of Summon by add your library’s logos. There are three initial logos that should be implemented by your library: the large logo found on the Homepage of Summon, the small logo that appears on the Results page, and the Favicon which is the extremely small logo that appears at the top of the internet browser. The Favicon also appears on the Bookmark list. Please note that by clicking on both the Large logo and the small logo, users can be redirected to the library’s homepage.

Large Logo Found on Homepage in highlighted circle

Favicon found in top left corner above the browser in highlighted circle. The small logo appears on the left of the Results page, near the search bar.

When editing logos, please remember to refer to the recommended logo sizes displayed beside each logo within the Logos portion of the Settings tab. If logos are displayed at a larger size than recommended, your Summons pages will not display properly. You may notice that Favicons provide three different sizes to use. Several size options are present due to the amount of mobile devices that may take advantage of using the favicon.

The implementation of Java Script coding can be used to add further customized features to Summon. Your library’s staff will be responsible for creating the code as well as storing and maintaining codes  created on computer servers. Please note that servers used must be considerably stable and available at all times. If Summon is unable to access Java files from your server, Summon pages will not display for your users. To implement Java Script into Summon, access the Summon 2.0 External Script and enter the URL of the server where your library’s Java files for Summon are located.

This documentation has provided you with basic information on using the Summon Administration Console to make custom changes to your library’s Summon interface. We also briefly discussed using the Administration Console to make initial customizations to Summon such as implementing your library’s logos and setting headers. Further detailed documentation and videos on Customizing Summon for your library can be found in the ExLibris Knowledge Center .

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