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2.1. The Summon Administration Console

Summon offers an Administration Console for library staff to make customized changes to the way their library’s Summon interface will operate and appear. With a subscription to 360, access to the Summon Administration Console is granted from the Client Center Home Page by clicking on the Summon Administration Console link in the middle of the page.

After opening the Summon Administration console, you will see several tabs at the top console including: Settings, Mapping, Pages, Usage, Translations, Recommender, and Content Ingestion. The first tab that you will see is the Settings tab. The Settings tab offers many options for changing the appearance and behavior of your services, as well as turning features on and off. Changes to your services appearance include implementing and editing logos, and colors.

Next to the Settings tab, you will find the Mapping tab. Please keep in mind, the Mapping tab only displays if your library has added catalog records to the Summon index. This tab is used to display both your catalog’s MARC- record and library location fields that have been mapped to the Summon Index record field.

On the right side of the Mapping tab, you will locate the Pages tab. With the Pages tab, you will find options for accessing the Summons Catalog Details Page, the Summon Abstracting and Index Page, and Custom Panel Sections.

Next, the Usage tab provides access to Summon usage statistics.

Beside the Usage tab, you will find the Translations tab. This tab provides staff the option to customize the language that Summon uses. Summon provides 34 different language selections, including English.

The next tab that you will find located beside the Translations tab is the Recommender tab. The Recommender tab provides staff the access to customize the database’s recommendation feature as well as create Best Bets.

If your library's catalog has been added to the Summon index, the last tab you will find is that of the Content Ingestion tab. This tab give staff members the opportunity to receive emails when new content or institutional repository content has been loaded into the Summon index. Staff members can also contact Summon administrators when new full content loads are ready for ingestion.

For further information regarding the use of the Summon Administration Console, please visit the ExLibris Knowledge Center .

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