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1.2. Basic Keyword Searches in Summon

For this demonstration, we are going to pretend that a patron is interested in information on Employment in North Carolina. Let’s begin by entering “Employment in North Carolina” in the search bar. While entering our search term in the box, the Summon autocomplete feature provides suggested search terms by matching keywords with popular search terms from previous related searches.

Once we have completed typing our search term in the box and have submitted our request by hitting the “Enter” key or selecting the blue “search” icon on the right of the search bar, results matching the search term will populate in the large window directly below the search box. In between the search bar and your search results, Summon displays the amount of results retrieved using your search term, sorted by relevance. 

The search term “Employment in North Carolina” retrieved a total of 239, 590 relevant items. With such a large amount of information, who wants to sort through all the provided resources and information? Summon offers several search facets within filters to help minimize search results to usable resources.

For further information regarding keyword searches, please visit the ExLibris Knowledge Center .

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