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11.3. Upgrade Overview webinar

Table of Contents (click on the time to jump directly to that section of the video on YouTube)

2:02 3.1 Upgrade knowledge book
7:28 Register a web client workstation
10:13 Log into web client workstation
11:34 Home page & tabs - open new tabs
17:29 Column picker grids - manage lists and select columns
20:30 Manage Column Widths - expand/shrink columns
23:24 Printing from screens (discussion of Pull List)
26:52 Shift/Ctrl to highlight multiple lines in a grid list
27:39 Hyperlinks for titles and barcodes
31:10 User Buckets - batch edit patron records/accounts
38:25 Patron search in the hold screen
40:28 Place hold on multiple copies
42:24 Shelving location search filter at system level
43:33 New options to email/print receipts in web client
46:15 Digital Bookplates - catalog searchable copy tags
49:15 Important to disable pop-up blockers
58:01 Please test!
1:00:02 Highlighting search terms in the public catalog
1:02:12 Receipt templates & Hatch in web client

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