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10.12. Holds and Resource Sharing

The consortium has established a resource sharing policy that requires all libraries to share all books and av materials that they circulate to their own patrons. Libraries cannot restrict particular items (such as Battle of the Books or other special collections) for use only by their own patrons. It was agreed by the membership that a library must circulate these items freely because patrons can easily place holds on these items in the catalog to be filled by any library in the consortium. It would not be fair for one or some libraries to restrict parts of their collections only to their own patrons when all libraries have agreed to share those items in the same way.

If items are owned by a library system and new (less than 6 months old by active date), you can put the 6-month age hold protection on those items, which prevents resource sharing. Once those items are more than 6 months old (such that 6-month age hold protection no longer applies), books and AV materials that circulate to your patrons should not be restricted from resource-sharing to patrons throughout the consortium. Reference staff could talk to cataloging staff to make sure that the bibliographic records for the materials on their list are in good shape. Sometimes, there are duplicate records that can be merged to create more target items to fill holds. Staff can also create and share book lists with permalinks to the bib record in Evergreen that can be used by the teacher or even posted on the school’s website, if desired. 

Age Hold Protection prevents new items from filling holds requested for pickup at systems other than the owning system within the consortium for a specified period of time based upon the Active Date (the date the item first has a status of Available). For 3-month age hold protection, holds will only be filled where pickup library = owning library from the Active Date to 3 months after the Active Date and 3-month age hold protection does not convert to 6-month age hold protection.  When the item is more than 3 months past the Active Date, it is available to fill holds for the entire consortium.

For 6-month age hold protection, holds will only be filled where the pickup library is within the owning system from the Active Date to 6 months after the Active Date. When the item is more than 6 months past the Active Date, it is available to fill holds for the entire consortium.  Cardinal libraries can utilize 6-month age hold protection on newly published and newly purchased (older) items.

Whether 3-month or 6-month, the age hold protection label remains on the item unless manually removed by a cataloger, even after age hold protection is no longer operating.

The consortium also has agreed to keep items on the holds shelf for patron pickup for 7 days. There is some leeway for special circumstances like book club holds, which are of a relatively short duration (usually no more than a month), and are being pulled together quickly by the coordinator for patrons’ convenience to immediately be checked out by the book club patrons. That is different from keeping items “On holds shelf” (or checked out to a library account) for months as a means to prevent any other library from using them via resource sharing.

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