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10.1. Clear Holds Shelf

Clearing Shelf-Expired Holds

1. Items with Ready-for-Pickup status are on the Holds Shelf List. The Holds Shelf List can help you manage items on the holds shelf. To see the holds shelf list, select Circulation → Browse Holds ShelfDo not click on Clear Holds Shelf

2. The Holds Shelf List is displayed. Note the Actions for Selected Holds are available, as in the patron record. You can view expired and canceled holds here.

3. Check the View Clearable Holds checkbox to list expired holds, wrong-shelf holds, and canceled holds only. Expired holds are holds that expired before today’s date. Holds should only remain on the hold shelf for 7 days (per NC Cardinal policy). Hold shelf expire time is automatically recorded in the hold record when a hold is captured. 

4. Use the column picker to add and remove fields from this display. Two fields you may want to display are Shelf Expire Time and Shelf Time.

5. The easier way to clear these stale holds is to use the list (on screen or printed) to pull the physical items from your holds shelf, then scan the items using the Check In screen with check in modifier Clear Holds Shelf selected. The physical holds shelf should also be routinely checked for any items on the shelf for longer than 7 library business days.

6. Click the Print button if you need a printed list. To format the printout customize the Holds_shelf receipt template. This can be done in Admin → Workstation Administration → Receipt Template Editor

7. We recommend that staff pull items from holds shelf (physically) before clearing the holds shelf (electronically) within Evergreen. It is possible to click the highlighted Clear These Holds button to cancel the expired holds. The items will show a status of Canceled in the Browse Holds Shelf screen and the Post-Clear column will show important information about what should happen next with the items, such as Need for Hold, Need for Transit, and Reshelve. Staff must check in the item to make it Available for circulation or trigger action to get the item to the next hold in line (capture for hold or put item in transit).

8. In rare cases, a resource sharing hold may be extended (for a brief period) as a courtesy to patrons. Staff must check for any other holds on the bibliographic record by clicking View Holds and ensuring that the box next to Filter for the pickup library is unchecked to see all holds for the consortium. If there are no untargeted holds on the waiting list, a brief extension may be granted by staff when the patron is planning to pick up the item in another day or two.

9. If there are no other patrons waiting with unfilled holds on the item, you may edit this time by highlighting the line item, and selecting Edit Shelf Expire Time on the Action for Selected Holds dropdown menu. 

10. You will be prompted to enter the new date. Use the calendar widget to choose the new date, then click Apply.

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