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5.8. MARC Federated Search

The MARC Federated Search enables you to import bibliographic records into a selection list or purchase order from a Z39.50 source.

  1. Click Acquisitions → MARC Federated Search.
  2. Check the boxes of Z39.50 services that you want to search. Your local Evergreen Catalog is checked by default. Click Submit.

    search form
  3. A list of results will appear. Click the "Copies" link to add copy information to the line item. See the Line Item Features for more information.
  4. Click the Notes link to add notes or line item alerts to the line item. See the Line Items Features for more information.
  5. Enter a price in the "Estimated Price" field.
  6. You can save the line item(s) to a selection list by checking the box on the line item and clicking Actions → Save Items to Selection List. You can also create a purchase order from the line item(s) by checking the box on the line item and clicking Actions → Create Purchase Order.
line item

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