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6.4. Lost and Claimed Returned

Lost Items

Once an item has been overdue for the (configurable) amount of time established by your library system, Evergreen will mark the item Lost in the borrowing patron’s account. This will be done automatically through a Notification/Action Trigger. The Lost item is still "checked out" to the patron and that circulation transaction remains open until the item is returned or the bill for the item is paid.

When the item is marked Lost, several actions will take place:

  1. The item will go into the status of “Lost”
  2. The accrual of overdue fines will be stopped

Optionally the patron can be billed for the item price, a lost processing fee, and any overdue fines can be voided from the account. Lost items can be included either in the "Items Checked Out" or "Other/Special Circulations" sections of the "Items Out" view of a patron’s record. These options are all controlled by library settings. Patrons can also be sent an email or print notification that the item was marked lost and billed to their library account.

Mark "Lost" Manually

Items can also be marked Lost manually by staff, when patrons report that an item checked out on their account has been lost.

1) To manually mark items Lost, retrieve patron record and click Items Out.

2) Select the item. Click on Actions → Mark Lost (by Patron).


3) The lost item now displays as lost in the Items Checked Out section of the patron record.


4) The lost item also adds to the count of Lost items in the patron summary on the left (or top) of the screen.


Lost Item Billing

  • Marking an item Lost will automatically bill the patron the replacement cost of the item as recorded in the price field in the item record, and a processing fee as determined by your local policy. If the lost item has overdue charges, the overdue charges may be voided or retained based on local policy.
  • A lost-then-returned item will disappear from the Items Out screen only when all bills linked to this particular circulation have been resolved. Bills may include replacement charges, processing fees, and manual charges added to the existing bills.
  • The replacement fee and processing fee for lost-then-returned items may be voided if set by local policy. Overdue fines may be reinstated on lost-then-returned items if set by local policy. These are library settings.

Refunds for Lost Items

If an item is returned after a lost bill has been paid and the library’s policy is to void the replacement fee for lost-then-returned items, there will be a negative balance on the account. A refund can be made to close the bill and the circulation record, if permitted by your library system. Once the outstanding amount has been refunded, the bill and circulation record will be closed and the item will disappear from the Items Out screen.

If your library system does not allow refunds, staff will need to offset the negative balance, by adding two dummy bills to the existing bills. The first bill can be for any amount (e.g. $0.01), while the second should be of the absolute value of the negative amount. Then you need to void the first dummy bill. The reason for using a dummy bill is that Evergreen will check and close the circulation record only when payment is applied or bills are voided.

Claimed Returned Items

1) To mark an item Claimed Returned, retrieve the patron record and go to the Items Out screen.

2) Select the item, then select Actions → Mark Claimed Returned from the dropdown menu.


3) Enter date in yyyy-mm-dd format and click Submit. If you do not intend to bill the patron for any fines, mark the item returned on the due date. Otherwise, fines may be applied for any overdue period between the due date and the date selected.


4) The Claimed Returned item now displays in the Other/Special Circulations section of the patron record.


5) The Claimed Returned item adds to the count of items that are Claimed Returned in the patron summary on the left (or top) of the screen. It also adds to the total Other/Special Circulations that is displayed when editing the patron’s record.


More on Claimed Returned Items

  • The date entered for a Claimed Returned item establishes the fine. If the date given has passed, bills will be adjusted accordingly.
  • When a Claimed Returned item is returned, if there is an outstanding bill associated with it, the item will not disappear from the Items Out screen. It will disappear when the outstanding bills are resolved.
  • When an item is marked Claimed Returned, the value in Claims-returned Count field in the patron record is automatically increased. Staff can manually adjust this count by editing the patron record.

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