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4.5. Updating Patron Account Information

Retrieve the patron record as described in the section Searching for Patrons.

Click on Edit from the options that display at the top of the patron record.

Patron edit with summary display

Edit information as required. (It is always important to verify the patron's identity before changing any patron information.) Be sure that the patron's date of birth is included and confirm that contact information is current. When finished, select Save.

After selecting Save, the page will refresh. The edited information will be reflected in the patron summary pane.

  • To quickly renew an expired patron, click the Update Expire Date button. You will need a Main (Profile) Permission Group selected for this to work, since the permission group determines the expiration date.

Renewing Expired Patron Account

When initially retrieved, expired patron accounts display an alert stating “Patron account is EXPIRED.”

circulation_patron_records 11

Open the patron account information in edit tab as described in the section Searching for Patrons.

Navigate to the information field labeled Privilege Expiration Date. Enter a new date in this box. Or click the calendar icon, and a calendar widget will display to help you easily navigate to the desired date.

circulation_patron_records 12

Select the date using the calendar widget or key the date in manually. Click the Save button. The screen will refresh and the “expired” alerts on the account will be removed.

Replacement Library Card

Note: Do NOT replace barcode or change the School permission group for Student Access accounts. 

Next to the Barcode field, select the Replace Barcode button.

circulation_patron_records 13

This will clear the barcode field. Enter a new barcode and Save the record. The screen will refresh and the new barcode will display in the patron summary pane.

Select the See All button next to the Replace Barcode button. This will display the current and past barcodes associated with this account. Permission to edit these is limited.

circulation_patron_records 14

Verifying Patron Password

A patron's existing password is not displayed in patron records for security reasons. If staff are assisting patrons to verify whether their password is correct, staff can click on the Other menu in the patron account and select Test Password.

Or, go to Circulation → Verify Credentials and enter the relevant patron information and click the Verify button.

Resetting Patron Password

A patron’s password may be reset from the OPAC or through the staff client. To reset the password from the staff client, retrieve the patron record and open the edit tab as described in the section Searching for Patrons.

(It is always important to verify the patron's identity before changing any patron information.) Enter the desired password conforming to your library's policy or patron request. As an alternative, you may select the Generate Password button next to the Password field.

circulation_patron_records 15

A new number will populate the Password text box. Make note of the new password and Save the patron record. The screen will refresh and the new password will be suppressed from view.

Barring a Patron

A patron may be barred from circulation activities. To do so, retrieve the patron record and check the box for Barred in the patron account.

circulation_patron_records 16

Save the user. The screen will refresh. To unbar a patron, uncheck the Barred checkbox.

Barring a patron from one library bars that patron from all consortium member libraries, so should be used sparingly.

Barred: Stops patrons from using their library cards; alerts the staff that the patron is banned/barred from the library. The “check-out” functionality is disabled for barred patrons (NO option to override – the checkout window is unusable and the bar must be removed from the account before the patron is able to checkout items).  These patrons may still log in to the OPAC to view their accounts.

Blocked: Often, these are system-generated blocks on patron accounts. 

Some examples:

  • Patron exceeds fine threshold
  • Patron exceeds max checked out item threshold

A notice appears when a staff person tries to checkout an item to blocked patrons, but staff may be given permissions to override blocks.

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