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1.4. Adding Secondary Permission Group

Staff may perform several different types of functions as part of their daily work and adding a secondary permission group allows them to do so using the same login access account. This option is only intended for staff login access accounts. Do not add secondary permission groups to staff library accounts for personal use or to any other type of patron account.

In order to add a secondary permission group, you must first create the login access account. Then, open the new account (or an existing login access account) and click on the Edit tab.

Scroll down to see a button called Secondary Groups next to the Main (Profile) Permission Group. Choose the lower level permission group (i.e. System Administrator is a higher permission group, so it should be the main permission group and Cataloging Supervisor would be the lower/secondary permission group). Only library directors and their designated System Login Access Manager can be assigned to the System Admin permission group. Click the Add button and then the Save button in the box. You will also need to click the Save button on the right of the Edit screen to save the change.

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