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3.11. Different Format/Material Types

Never convert a bibliographic record from one material type to another. Records contain type specific identifiers in multiple fields, such as the 007 (non-print media), 008 (fixed fields), 020 (ISBN), 035 (OCLC number), etc. and should not be treated as interchangeable for different formats. For example, do not convert a regular print bibliographic record to a large print record or vice versa.

Additionally, two different item types/formats should not be cataloged on the same bibliographic record unless they were bound together by the publisher and circulate together*. For instance, a DVD and a Blu-ray should not share the same record unless share the same publication identifiers (ISBN, UPC, etc.) and circulate together.

NOTE: Kits created by a library system may be on the same bibliographic record, following the standards specified in the Cataloging Kits section.

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