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2.8. Multi-Volume or Multi-Part Sets

Multi-part items, such as encyclopedias, DVD sets, and multi-volume sets, should be cataloged on one bibliographic record using the Monograph Parts feature in Evergreen.

NOTE: Graphic novels should not be cataloged as multi-volume sets. Each new volume should be cataloged as an independent resource that is part of a series. To be searchable, the series statement(s) must appear in the appropriate field(s) (490 + 8XX).

Monograph Parts enables you to differentiate between parts of monographs or other multi-part items. This feature enables catalogers to describe items more precisely by labeling the parts of an item. For example, catalogers might identify the parts of a monograph or the discs of a DVD set. This feature also allows patrons more flexibility when placing holds on multi-part items. 

If a cataloger is dividing the materials cataloged on one bib record (e.g. a full season of Game of Thrones dvds) into smaller groups for circulation, the cataloger must use monograph parts. A patron could then place a hold on the specific disc or set of discs. Otherwise, since patrons can only place title level holds within the OPAC, the patron's hold could be filled by any item on the bib record. So, separating a season of Game of Thrones dvds into 6 item records without using monograph parts would mean the patron's hold could be filled by disc 6, causing frustration and complaints.

Catalogers from different library systems may choose to leave a season whole or separate them, but it is important that the labels used for the parts are the same. If catalogers use different labels for the same piece(s) of a set  — e.g. "Disc 1, 2, 3", "disc 1-3", "Disc 1-3" — the patron will only be able to choose one of these three labels. So, instead of three potential targets to fill the hold, the patron will only have one. 

These parts:

will not be grouped as potential holds with these parts:

because the labels are different. It is important to follow the same labeling convention (Appendix K) throughout the consortium, so that patrons who place monograph part holds have the highest number of potential target copies.

To add a monograph part to an existing record in the catalog:

  1. Retrieve a bibliographic record.
  2. Click Actions for this Record. Then click Manage Parts.

     3. Click New Monograph Part

     4. Enter the label that you want the patron to see, and click Save. This will create a list of monograph parts from which you can choose when you create a volume and copy.

NOTE: Labels are consortium-wide. Follow the naming convention in Appendix K. Use an existing label if it meets your needs rather than creating a duplicate.

     5. Click Actions for this Record. Then click Add Volumes.

     6. The Volume/Copy Creator will open. Enter the number of volumes you want to add to the catalog and the volume description.

     7. Enter the number of copies and a barcode for each item.

     8. Select the part designation from the drop down menu adjacent to the barcode field. (“Episodes 1 – 6” in Example 23)

     9. Apply item template, if desired, and edit fields in the Copy Editor section. Be sure to select a shelving location from Location/Collection list and Circulation Modifier as these determine which circulation rules will apply at check out.

   10. Click Create Volumes/Items.

   11. The Holdings Maintenance screen will refresh to demonstrate the addition of the volume, copy, and part. These fields also appear in the OPAC View.

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