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3.2. Add a Title Record via Z39.50 Import

A thorough catalog search must always be performed using the Advanced Search screen or via Z39.50 before importing a new bibliographic record. Even though you (or an Item Cataloger in your library system) have already searched the NC Cardinal database for your item, you should always double check for a match before importing. Keep in mind that other catalogers in the consortium are regularly adding bibliographic records, too.  


To search for and add a title record via Z39.50, follow these steps:

  1. Click Cataloging → Import Record from Z39.50
  2. Select at least one Service in addition to the Local Catalog in the Service and Credentials window in the top right panel. Always check the Local Catalog source when searching for records to import via Z39.50.

3. Enter search terms in the Query window in the top left panel.

4. Click Search.

5. The results appear in the lower window.

NOTE: Remember that you should search for each title in several different ways. Check the Services and Credentials window to ensure that you have checked “Local Catalog.”

6. If a record exists in NC Cardinal, you will see “native-Evergreen-catalog” under the Service column. If you see “native-Evergreen-catalog” among the results of a Z39.50 search, look at the MARC record to see if it is indeed a match. An easy way to do this is to highlight the result line and click on MARC View next to the Overlay and Import buttons. To return to the previous display, click Results View. You may also highlight the record and click the Show in Catalog button.

7. If a bibliographic record already exists within NC Cardinal, do not add or import a new or additional record. If the existing bibliographic record does not meet the standards as outlined in the NC Cardinal MARC Templates, overlay or edit the existing record to bring it up to the minimum standards recommended. 

NOTE: The columns displayed in the Z39.50 screen can be customized. Use the column picker to select the information, then resize and drag the columns to display as you wish. When you finish arranging the screen, click the List Actions button at the far left and select Save List Configuration from the pull-down menu.

Import from Z39.50 screen:

After a thorough search when there is no existing record, import a new record into NC Cardinal from the Z39.50 window:

  1. Highlight the record you want to import.
  2. Click the Import button.
  3. The new record will display in the Marc Edit screen. Make any necessary changes so that the record conforms to NC Cardinal standards.
  4. Click Import Record.


Overlay from the Z39.50 screen:

When an existing brief or incomplete record in the NC Cardinal catalog needs to be upgraded, overlay with a better record from the Z39.50 window:

  1. Highlight the record you want overlaid.
  2. Click the Mark local results as overlay target button.
  3. Then highlight the record you want to overlay the local catalog record with.
  4. Click the Overlay button (NOT the IMPORT button).
  5. The new record will display in the Marc Edit screen. Make any necessary changes so that the record conforms to NC Cardinal standards.
  6. Click Overlay Record.

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