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2.4. Selecting a Matching Record

If a matching bibliographic record already exists within NC Cardinal, do not add or import a new or additional record. If the existing bibliographic record does not meet the standards as outlined in the NC Cardinal MARC Templates, ask a Bibliographic Cataloger to overlay or edit the existing record to bring it up to the minimum standards recommended. You may find that you have several choices when matching a resource with the appropriate catalog record (or that you have only a few that may not actually match).

When choosing the right record for your resource, the following information must match:


You should also look for any discrepancies in pagination, dimensions, statement of responsibility, subtitle, table of contents, or other notes. These differences may not indicate that you cannot use a specific record, but taken with any differences in the above fields, they are an indication that you likely have a non-matching resource.

NOTE: You should add mass market paperbacks to the record for the hardcover edition, in spite of differences in publisher, dimensions, and pagination, if the content is the same.

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