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1.1. Purpose of login access accounts

Each staff member at an NC Cardinal library must be issued a login access account (either a generic circulation account or an individually assigned cataloging or administrative account) for authentication to access the Evergreen ILS staff client. Staff using these login access accounts are assigned special privileges and access to workstation locations in the Evergreen staff client. Library staff may have a separate, additional patron account (with standard barcode) as their personal library account to place holds and checkout materials for personal interest as would any library patron. These two accounts should be maintained separately, not used interchangeably, and never merged together, as they have completely different purposes. Login access accounts are intended to serve library patrons and conduct library business only and should never be used as personal library accounts. The login access account is the one staff enter on the main login screen for the Evergreen staff client. 

Generic login access accounts for Circulator, Circulation Supervisor, and Reports are generally created by NC Cardinal State Library staff and provided at migration. The Circulator II, Cataloger, Cataloging Supervisor, Acquisitions Staff, Acquisitions Supervisor, Local System Administrator, System Administrator permission groups require an individual login access account with the staff user's name listed. Individual staff members are responsible to safeguard the username and password of their login access accounts and ensure that the accounts are used appropriately and only by authorized personnel at all times. Login access accounts should not be used as internal activity accounts, such as to check out materials for programming. 

If a library uses the Volunteer permission group, it should be assigned only to volunteers who must log into the staff client to perform their designated tasks (not to indicate that a patron is also a volunteer who helps out in the library but doesn’t access the staff client). Because it grants authentication access to the staff client, the Volunteer permission group is a login access account and should never be assigned to a patron’s barcoded personal account, only to a library controlled account that is used strictly for library business. Either a generic or individual Volunteer account can be set up by the System Login Manager, based on the preference of the library director.

Patron privacy and database protection is a high priority for NC Cardinal. It is the responsibility of the System Login Manager (selected by the library director) at each library system to issue login access accounts to staff, to ensure that they are up to date, and securely maintained. If a staff member should leave the employ of the library, the Staff Login Manager should promptly change the password on that staff member's login access account and mark inactive or delete the account (please contact NC Cardinal State Library staff for assistance with deleting). The login access account should never be converted to a standard patron account or issued to another staff member. New staff members should always receive newly created login access accounts to maintain data integrity. 


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