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1.2. Creating a new login access account

In order to create a login access account, a System Login Access Manager will need to have a System Administrator account. Create a new individual login access account for staff in patron registration, as usual, except that the Barcode and OPAC/Staff Client User Name (both matching) should be the first initial and last name of the staff member (using middle initial or numbers, if necessary to avoid conflict with an existing staff login account). A strong, non-obvious password should be created and recorded to give to the staff member and maintained in a secure location by the System Login Manager for reference and to make future changes as needed. The first and last name of the staff member should be listed in the appropriate fields. The middle name field can list the library system and/or "login" to indicate a login access account. Actual birth date and identification need not be listed. Please list the staff member's work email address. Daytime phone should be the staff member's work number. The Home Library should be the branch where the staff member most often works. Main (Profile) Permission Group indicates the level of access the staff member is trained and/or approved for by the library director. If a staff member needs more than one type of access, assign the highest level permission group as the main permission group and the other permission group as secondary (i.e. Local Admin as primary, Cataloger as secondary). [See: Adding Secondary Permission Group] The Privilege Expiration Date should not be extended beyond 3-5 years. Mailing address can be the library branch address. Save the new account.

Assign Working Locations

After creating the new login access account, the System Login Manager will need to assign working locations, so that staff can perform functions such as checking in and out, sending and receiving in transit, etc. to other branches in the library system. Open the newly created login access account by typing the username into the F1 checkout field or the patron search screen, then go to Other at the far right of the account tabs and select User Permission Editor from the dropdown menu. (If you do not see Working Locations listed, make sure you are logged into Evergreen with a System Admin login.)

Please only edit the working locations in this screen, not any of the permissions further down, which are assigned to the permission group selected and should not be altered individually. Every branch within your library system should be selected for each login access account you create by checking the WorkOU box next to each of your system's branches. This allows staff to perform functions that may affect branches within your system, even if they do not work at those branches. Do not select branches from other systems in the consortium. Be sure to save working locations selected by clicking on the long Save button at the bottom. You will see a JavaScript Application pop-up message noting that workstations were updated.

Please contact NC Cardinal State Library staff if you have questions or need more assistance.

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